Romantic Thoughts (and Second Thoughts)



“Will you marry me?” Daniel asked his girlfriend.

“Might as well, we’re already living together,” she said, distracted by the people rushing past her.

They went back into the concert and he told his parents, “She said yes.”

“Well of course she did!  Now be quiet, the show is about to start,” his mom replied.

Ok, I’m exaggerating.  Maybe everyone was a little more excited than that.

But here it is, a year later, and they are no closer to getting married.  The would-be-bride hides behind her frugalness with conversations like this one.

“That’s too expensive.  Why should I pay someone $2,000 so that I can get married on the beach?  It’s the beach, for God’s sake!”

Daniel replies, “There’s a permit to reserve the gazebo and chair rental.  Someone sets up the chairs and takes them down after.”

“Let’s have the guests bring some blankets and we’ll have the ceremony real quick, so that there’s not time for anyone to call the cops on us for not having a permit.  Sheez, who needs chairs for that price!” she answers.

And yet, a year later, no wedding date has been set.

Do some people really dream of someday attaining this stunning level of (non)commitment to the mediocre?  I want more.  I want someone who is fired up about marrying me.  My preacher spoke on that in his last sermon.  We should be fired up for God.  “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine!  Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!”  I’m not trying to compare myself to the Almighty, but I want some semblance of excitement in my intended, when the time comes.

I mean, just look at Sally Ann, my lovely daughter.  Just don’t look too close, ‘cause Penny will hurt you!


But seriously, Penny is stronger than she looks.  Stand back.

Sally and Penny were engaged last July.  Sally has planned and re-planned the wedding.  She has Plan A and Plan B, and a smile on her face at the thought of getting hitched if it all falls through!

I added a Plan C, for California.  “Get married in Texas, however you please.  Then come renew your vows on the beach,” I told her.  Don’t tell the future Mrs. Daniel, but I’d happily pay $2k to see my daughter as a blushing bride on a La Jolla beach.

That’s how love should be – contagious!  Everyone should want to take part!  Originally they were going to wait until after she graduated with her undergraduate degree, but why wait?!  When it’s right, it’s right!

I don’t know whether things will work out with Daniel and his lovely lady.  After all, they may be perfectly happy fiancées  forever.  Or, they could decide to elope this weekend.

All I know is, I want what Sally and Penny have.  I want someone who shines for me.  And I want someone who lights a fire in me.

Really, it’s been too long since I’ve enjoyed a good, hot romance.  And that’s ok.  I’d rather have no romance, than a lukewarm one, any day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Or, as Nadia says, Happy VD!



P.S. Gary Mathews came to visit!  More on that in my next post.


Lilly and Lucas: Wedding Reception

Jules & Lilly <3

Jules & Lilly ❤

Lilly and Lucas were married in March in Australia, in an intimate wedding ceremony.  Their American friends wanted to celebrate with them, so yesterday (October 17th), we did.  The seven month delay was so that the bride and groom could attend the party.  And this month, Lucas stepped onto American soil for the first time.  Here are a few pics that I took at the celebration.  I’ll have more for you after the photographer processes her photos.  Also, here are a few fun pics from the party at Dave & Buster’s later.

Lilly’s biggest complaint about her new husband was, “He kept taking babies away from me!  Seriously, there were seven babies at the reception.  I held three of them and he took each one out of my arms.”

Lilly & Lucas.  Notice who is holding the baby!

Lilly & Lucas. Notice who is holding the baby!

Her friends and I were thrilled that she brought her wedding dress with her.  We had asked her to, but she had never agreed, so we thought we might be disappointed.  Imagine our delight when we saw her all dressed up in her bridal attire!  Lucas looked dapper in his suit as well.  But there’s nothing like a beautiful bride!

Lilly is employed at a doctor’s office and loving it.  It’s busy and stressful and she has great coworkers.  Lucas is finishing up his last few semesters as a nursing student.  He’ll begin work in February.  Best of all, they’re moving into a rent house soon after they return home.  Life is good!

The pics tell the rest of the story.  They’re so in love!  If Lucas will stop taking babies away from Lilly, they could have a long and happy marriage.  ❤

Cheers!  To the newlyweds!

American women LOVE Aussies!

American women LOVE Aussies!

Lucas & Jules

Lucas & Jules


Centerpieces - love 'em!

Centerpieces – love ’em!



I wrote advice in their guest book.  LOL, I’m probably not the right person to ask for marriage advice!

Love you, Lilly & Lucas!  Hope to visit you soon!  ❤ ❤ ❤

Lilly and Lucas Tied The Knot

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Lucas Blueberry!!


In a small, intimate ceremony, Lilly Peach married Lucas Blueberry.

“We’re soulmates!  We’re getting married!” Lilly told me.  “My family is very conservative.  They wanted us to get married before we moved in together.  Plus, being married makes getting a work visa in Australia so much easier.  So Lucas said, ‘Babes, let’s do it.  Let’s get married, for real.’  We were already planning the wedding in Hawaii, so we knew that we were going to be married—we just moved up the date, that’s all.  OHMYGOD I’M GETTING MARRIED!!”

That conversation was over a month ago.  Lilly and I went dress shopping for two weddings: March 2015 in Australia and June 2016 in Hawaii.  We didn’t buy any of the dresses that she tried on; her Mimi is making one, and a talented friend make the other.

The unique thing about this wedding is that it’s only the second time that Lilly has visited Australia.  Only the second time that Lilly has visited Australia.  Only the second time that she and her beloved were together.  However, there was over a year of Skype dating prior, and that first visit lasted almost a month.  So this is, by no means, a rush decision.

“It’s just going to be small, like just Lucas, his parents, and me.  Maybe his brothers, maybe a couple of close friends,” Lilly told me.  “One friend will have Mom skyped in, another will have Dad.”  Her parents divorced about a decade ago and live in different cities, so separate Skype screens were mandatory.

Later, she updated me with, “Someone insisted on hiring a photographer.  Someone else is bringing food.”  And later still, “Now the ladies are having hair and makeup done.”

And so the metaphorical snowball rolled down the hill.

We are still going to celebrate Lilly’s and Lucas’s love in lovely Hawaii in June 2016.  The deposit has been paid and the bridesmaid dresses are chosen.  The bride is scoping out a luau and shopping for a hotel.  Her sister and I are tasked with the bachelorette party.  Email me your favorite strippers.  No, nevermind—we’ll just go to La Bare’s, where there are lots of men under one roof.  So I hear.  😉

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Lucas Blueberry!  Congrats, my darling Lilly Peach-Blueberry!  You make a beautiful bride.  I can’t wait to see you in your next dress, next year!  I’ll see you before that, in September, when you come to visit.  XOXO!


This is not an April Fools Day joke.  Lilly and Lucas are really, truly, legally married! ❤


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Planning a Destination Wedding (for 2016)


Costa Rica, Sept 2013

She’s only been seeing him for 3 weeks and she’s talking about marrying him.

Lilly Peach, Allie Apple, Gala Pear, and I all have BFs! One of us, the one who has been seeing her guy for about 3 weeks, is talking about moving in with her BF when they hit the 6 month mark. She’s planning the wedding, too: a destination wedding in 2016.

To be fair, the happy couple were friends for over a year before they started dating. Reggie always said that people should be friends before they start dating. That gives both people the opportunity to get to know each other without trying to impress or make awkward first date conversation. The relationship can progress more naturally.

However, I once dated a guy that I had worked with for a year and a half. I thought that I knew him pretty well. After all, I had dated someone during that time, so he treated me like everyone else. What I didn’t realize is that he was a workaholic. I felt like I knew him well because he was at work almost every waking hour. Sigh. I’d rather have a date at a bar than at the office, any day of the week!

Ok, let’s be fair: he was a work friend, not a social friend.

So how long should a couple wait before moving in together? I waited a year and a half before I moved in with Alan, and then married him close to the 2-year mark, which I thought was a pretty good time line. And yet, we were divorced inside of 5 years. I’ve known couples who got married sooner than that, who are still together. We’re talking less than a year of dating.

Portia hypothesized that you should know a person through all seasons before committing yourself fully. She wasn’t talking about a calendar year, though. She meant that you should see a person happy, sad, angry, and depressed. You should know how a person responds to adversity, how he supports you through your bad times.

Wise words. Except, Portia moved in with a guy after two months and stopped talking to all of her friends. I haven’t seen her in years. But I digress.

If my happy friend—not Portia, but the one planning a 2016 wedding—was graded by any of these measures, I think she’s pass. She’s seen him happy; he’s walking-on-air in love right now! She’s seen him sad, when his last girlfriend tore his heart out. I imagine that over a year’s time, she’s seen him angry and depressed as well. They all pass Reggie’s test of being friends first.

So let’s be happy for them, the couple who are going to move in together in 6 months. Let’s help her try on wedding dresses, if that’s what she wants to do. And I’ll start a special vacation fund so that I can attend her destination wedding.

Which friend am I talking about? Or is it me?