When Lilly Met Lucas – A Love Story Begins



Me and Lilly (2014)

“No, I don’t want you to have luck,” Lilly said with sassy snark and a pretty pout.

Lucas gaped at her from her computer screen, in the Skype window.  He hadn’t expected that kind of an answer from his remark, “Hey, I’m going to go on my date now.  Wish me luck!”

Lucas finally said, “I’ve got to go, we’ll continue this later.  Goodbye!”

Lilly pressed the “End” button without saying goodbye in return.  She grumbled to herself.  “That floozy doesn’t deserve him.  I don’t want them to have fun and end up together.  I want…”  She stopped herself.

What did she want?  Why did she want this date to fail?  “Lucas is my friend,” she said aloud.  “I want him to be happy.  I want him…to be happy with me!  Oh my God I’m jealous!”  Her hand flew to her mouth.  “I don’t want him to date that other girl, I want him to date me!”  After over a year of friendship, she realized that her feelings had grown.

She threw herself down on her bed.  “I don’t want to date someone half way across the world!!”  Still pouting, she reviewed the past year mentally.  How she and Lucas had met on Facebook, in a photography group.  How he only ever had nice, upbeat things to say to everyone.  How, even when one of the group members was getting on her last nerve and she wanted nothing more than to chew out the nasty SOB, Lucas would listen, calm her down, and handle the matter with class.

Oh boy.  She had feelings for him, alright.  And it was a big ol’ crush.

She put the pillow over her face and screamed.  But then…

Maggie the cat swatted Lilly’s foot with a paw, as if to say, “Hey Human!  You alright?”

Or maybe it was, “I’m hungry.  Feed me.”  That’s usually Maggie’s message.

Lilly sat up so quickly that the cat meowed and skittered under the bed, which displeased the other cat crouching there, who hissed and ran from the room.  Their owner ignored them; she had bigger problems than feline sibling rivalry.

“I may have found my soulmate!” she said.  “I’ve been looking in all the wrong places: in the Marines, all over Dallas, and now—when I wasn’t even looking!—I found him online.  So what if he lives halfway around the world?  There’s Skype, and airplanes, and…who wouldn’t move for True Love?!”

Humming to herself, she went back to the computer to continue editing photographs, which is what she was doing before Lucas called.

Suddenly, she stopped.  She had been humming one of her favorite songs: Marry Me by Train.  “Marry me!  Today and every day.  Marry me!  If I ever get the nerve to say Hello in this café, say you will…mmmm…say you will!”

She laughed at her own subconscious mind.  First things first: Lucas would get home in a couple of hours, tell her about his horrible date (well, she could hope that it was horrible, however selfish that was), and they could talk about whether they wanted to take their friendship to another level.

He would.  She just knew it.

Smiling, she clicked on the next picture to edit.  “Should I call Jules?” she asked Maggie, who had snuck back into the room and was sitting a safe distance away, on the edge of the desk.

“Mrowr,” Maggie answered.

“You’re right,” Lilly said.  “I’ll wait.  I’ll probably see her on Saturday, anyway.  That’s a few days away, will give me time to talk to Lucas and see where this goes.”

She had a feeling that she’d have good news to share with Jules.  Yes, she definitely would!



This is a flashback to a couple of years ago.  A friend asked me to write more about Lilly and Lucas, and make it into a book.  What do you think?  Leave me a comment and let me know.

My Life

I cancelled my date this week because I was still in mourning.  What kind of first date would it be, if I were rambling about Lucas the whole night?  I’m sure that would go over well.

“Jules, tell me about yourself,” he’d say.

“Sure,” I’d answer, “I had this friend Lucas…”

“No,” he’d say, “Tell me about you.”

“Well, I’m pretty torn up about Lucas, and the fact that I can’t get to his funeral…”

You can see why this might not be the best First Date convo ever.

My weekend wasn’t a complete bummer.  I went to a vineyard with friends yesterday.  I’ll tell you all about it, and other California wineries, next week.  As for the move, well, that’s still up in the air.  I’m estimating a 70% chance that I’ll move in June.  Stay tuned for updates as I know more.


Lilly Loves Lucas!! <3


“He’s just as wonderful in person as I thought he would be. You know how I thought I would be awkward? There was none of that—it’s like we’ve known each other forever,” Lilly said with a huge smile on her face. We were Skyping. I sat in Dallas, Texas and she sat in Canberra, Australia; a world apart but talking like we were sitting next to each other. This scenario was quite fitting, since this is how she and Lucas dated for about a year. Only this time, Lucas sat next to her. She positively glowed.

“What’s been your favorite part of the trip?” I asked her.

“Sex. I mean, fireworks on New Year’s on Sydney harbor! There was a wedding taking place and so we could see the wedding and the fireworks at the same time, ohhhh, it was perfect! First we were standing in front of the Opera House. Then I had to go to the bathroom. I told Lucas that I’d be right back, but…” Lilly started to say.

“I wouldn’t let her out of my sight!” Lucas said. Just as I started to melt, he added, “You have too many friends who have guns.”

We laughed. Ok, so Lilly and I live in Texas, and a lot of us have guns. And she may have named one or two of her guns, which are typically close at hand. He has a really good point.

Lilly continued, “So when I came out of the restroom, we looked for another vantage point, and decided to try the bridge. The view was amazing! We got to enjoy two great views: from the Opera House and from the Bridge!” Her smile got bigger. I honestly didn’t think that was possible!

I asked Lucas for his favorite moment of the trip so far.

Lucas answered, “Our first dinner at the Italian restaurant was really good. Jet lag hit; she kept zoning in and out.”

Lilly interjected, “I was like, what? Oh, ya, I’m listening. Huh? It was pretty bad. I was just really tired all of a sudden.”

“I kept asking, Am I boring you?” Lucas added.

“Right! But the food was really good,” Lilly said.

I giggled. They were telling the story as a tag team, like the newlywed couples. It was so darn CUTE!

“Was that the night that you ate the chocolate cake?” I prompted. I’d read about that one on Facebook. The two photographers posed selfies daily, and their friends—including me!—enjoyed reading up on their latest adventure.

“Oh no, that was another night!” Lilly said, winding up for a good story.

“She stabbed me!” Lucas whined with mock seriousness.

“He was trying to eat my cake!” Lilly told me, defensively. “What he didn’t tell you, is that he had already eaten his cake!”

“NO!” I said, scandalized.

“Yes! AND IT WAS A BUFFET! He could have gone back for more!” Lilly huffed. To her lover, she said, “You were warned!”

He mumbled and grumbled, and then kissed her. It wasn’t the first kiss that they’d exchanged since we started talking. I was torn between thinking, Oh, how sweet! And hanging up on them. It’s not nice to kiss in front of someone who hasn’t been kissed in weeks. It’s just not.

But they’re so cute together!!!!!!

Lilly broke from the kiss to tell me another story. “It’s so great, he gets lost easily, so I’ve been his navigator! HA! I fly from another country to tell him how to get around in his home country! It’s too much! So we’re driving through the country and there’s this beautiful field, right?”

I nod, telling her that I’m listening. I’m smiling already; I can tell this is going to be good.

“And he says, I could bury your body down there,” Lilly said. She pursed her lips together and looked at him sidewise.

I laughed! “Oh, a romantic drive in the country!”

“Right! So I remind him that he gets bored on long drives by himself, and he’d have to drive a long ways with me in the trunk—“

“It’s a boot! Here, we call it a boot!” Lucas corrected.

Lilly rolled her eyes. “Yes, a trunk is a boot. This morning he told me that my cell phone was on the bench. The bench! I had no idea what he was talking about! Turns out, they call the kitchen counter, a bench! Who knew!”

“A bench is something you sit on!” I said. Lucas was trying to tell us that we were wrong, but we talked over him. “Unless you can sit on the kitchen counter. Then you could, technically, call it a bench.”

“It is kinda low,” Lilly said. “I might try sitting on it later… ANYWAY. We were out in the country and I told him that he didn’t like to ride long distances by himself, he wouldn’t want to drive that far with me in the BOOT, and I’d haunt him. So he decided not to kill me.”

Lucas nodded with a serious expression. I could tell that he wanted to laugh.

“Yes, but what if he had killed you right then? He wouldn’t have to drive with you in the TRUNK, though he would face a long drive home alone,” I added, playing the Devil’s advocate.

“Yes, well, he didn’t think of that, happily,” Lilly told me. They were hugging with their heads touching; they did that a lot. Like they couldn’t get close enough to each other. “And there’s the whole haunting thing, so I don’t think that we have to worry about him killing me any time soon.”

“And friends with guns,” Lucas reminded us.

“Oh yes, of course,” I said.

The two told me how ketchup is called tomato sauce—that’s tuh-mah-to, not toe-may-to, as a waitress had informed my friend—and how Lucas had valiantly chopped the heads off of shrimp (prawns) for her. They visited a beach named after her sister (well, it had the same name, at least) and he actually got into the water. He never gets into the water. His mother was shocked!

Lilly was most proud of the fact that he was trying new foods for her. You see, he’s always been a picky eater and hated to try new things. But every day, he’d try one new thing, just for her. “The steamed crab legs were the best,” he told me. “Though I liked the raw tomato, too.”

“I also got him to try a cracker with brie and fig jam. He liked that, and the pear and raspberry cake,” Lilly added with joy. She was trying new foods, too, of course. “Their burgers are the best! They use real beef, not that soy stuff that American fast food restaurants sell.”

“We have laws that the burgers must be at least 95% beef,” he said.

“Yes! And the burger that I got yesterday had pineapple, lettuce, mayo, BBQ sauce, and bacon. Though the bacon was more like ham, not like real bacon,” Lilly informed me.

I laughed. I love real bacon.

She continued, “The McDonald’s has a steak menu, chocolate cones, and macaroons!!”

“This is why she wants to move to Australia: for the food, not for me!”

I laughed while they kissed, yet again. I had to get off the phone (Skype) soon—I was suffering from an overload of adorable!!!

Lucas said, “Seeing her for the first time in the airport was pretty fun. I felt like she was home.”


Wow. True love, though they met a world away. Thank you, friends, for restoring my faith in love. I look forward to meeting you in March!


I’ll write more about my adventures on Match in the coming weeks.

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