Lilly and Lucas – The End of The Love Story



Lucas tried TexMex for the first time (my homemade enchiladas).

“How are you?” Lucas asked me.  Often.

“Well, let me tell you about this guy…” I would answer.  Often.

That’s just who I am.

When I finally got around to asking how he was, I would be humbled by the answer.

“At the hospital, doing dialysis.  I’m fine.  How’s Sally?” Lucas would redirect.

Why?  Because he’s a sweetheart.  Because he was truly, deeply, a self-less person.

I say, “was” because Lucas died on Wednesday.  That was yesterday; how is it that I heard the news over a day ago?  I’m still trying to process this.

Lucas and I only met in person once, in 2015, when he and Lilly visited Dallas.  They had a wedding reception to celebrate their love.  Lilly surprised us all by wearing her wedding dress; she had led us to believe that she didn’t have room in her suitcase for it!  Lucas hugged me like we were old friends; we had met on Skype, just like he had met Lilly.  We had messaged on Facebook.  Who cares that this was the first time that we stood face-to-face?  Lucas’s love wasn’t limited to people who were in the same room.

Lilly knew that Lucas had a chronic, terminal disease soon after she met him on Facebook.  At that time, she was in Dallas, Texas and he lived in Canberra, Australia.  He was very open about his medical issues.  I really loved his openness, and Lilly did, too.  His openness was part of what she fell in love with.  Anyway, his medical condition was such that he knew that he’s need an organ transplant within the next 10 years.  The heart wants what the heart wants.

And, Lilly knew that she could deal with hospitals.  She had been a photographer for Logan’s Legacy, a group of special people with huge hearts: they comfort grieving parents and take pictures of precious babies who never had a chance to experience the world.    Through this work, and seeing the parents who longed for even a few minutes with their children, Lilly understood that every moment is precious.  Even a few days with her beloved was worth any pain that she might experience.

And the prognosis for Lucas was at least 10 years; heck, with a transplant or two, he might outlive all of us.

Only, the doctors who said that, were wrong.  Lucas’s lungs were weak, and he applied for the transplant list last year.

And was denied.

His body was too weak for the operation and he might not survive it, the doctors said.  Plus, there aren’t enough organ donors.

Lucas could have curled up in a ball and lamented his fate.  Instead, he and Lilly set out on a quest to solicit more people to sign up for organ donation.  They volunteered to photograph anyone on the transplant list or who had transplants.  The plan was to compile the pictures into a coffee table book to raise funds for the cause.

But he was too sick.  He was in and out of the hospital.  He continued to ask how others were doing and to work as much as possible, whether at his day job nursing or his other job as photographer.  In every picture of him, whether taken by another photographer as a test shot or a selfie with his bride, he is smiling.  Rarely would he let the world know how much he was hurting.

Lilly tried to smile, too.  They were foster parents for kittens; they adopted a 3-legged dog; and they joked about how all the animals passed wind.

I can’t believe that vivacious young man is gone.  I can’t believe that the 10-year-minimum that he was supposed to have with Lilly, was cut so terribly short.  They had barely a year together as a married couple.

Even a day with one’s soul mate is worth any amount of pain, I’ve heard.  To have a year together, they were blessed.  And I would bet good money that Lilly would do it all over again.

You can read more about Lilly and Lucas (Mallie and Matt, to the rest of the world), in this article from a year ago (shared with permission from Mallie):

If there is but one thing you get from this tragic love story, Lilly and Lucas would want it to be: Donate your organs.

For me, this story is also about carpe diem.  If you love someone, spend as much time with him/her as possible.  Savor the good times.  Laugh about cat farts in the bad times.  Smile as much as possible.  When you hurt, find a way to help others.

Lilly, I love you!



PS On Sunday, we will return to our regular programming.


Everyone loves an Aussie Man!


Lilly was a radiant bride!


Lucas and me at the wedding reception.  (It had a Hawaiian theme, which is why he is wearing a lei.)

Lilly and Lucas: Wedding Reception

Jules & Lilly <3

Jules & Lilly ❤

Lilly and Lucas were married in March in Australia, in an intimate wedding ceremony.  Their American friends wanted to celebrate with them, so yesterday (October 17th), we did.  The seven month delay was so that the bride and groom could attend the party.  And this month, Lucas stepped onto American soil for the first time.  Here are a few pics that I took at the celebration.  I’ll have more for you after the photographer processes her photos.  Also, here are a few fun pics from the party at Dave & Buster’s later.

Lilly’s biggest complaint about her new husband was, “He kept taking babies away from me!  Seriously, there were seven babies at the reception.  I held three of them and he took each one out of my arms.”

Lilly & Lucas.  Notice who is holding the baby!

Lilly & Lucas. Notice who is holding the baby!

Her friends and I were thrilled that she brought her wedding dress with her.  We had asked her to, but she had never agreed, so we thought we might be disappointed.  Imagine our delight when we saw her all dressed up in her bridal attire!  Lucas looked dapper in his suit as well.  But there’s nothing like a beautiful bride!

Lilly is employed at a doctor’s office and loving it.  It’s busy and stressful and she has great coworkers.  Lucas is finishing up his last few semesters as a nursing student.  He’ll begin work in February.  Best of all, they’re moving into a rent house soon after they return home.  Life is good!

The pics tell the rest of the story.  They’re so in love!  If Lucas will stop taking babies away from Lilly, they could have a long and happy marriage.  ❤

Cheers!  To the newlyweds!

American women LOVE Aussies!

American women LOVE Aussies!

Lucas & Jules

Lucas & Jules


Centerpieces - love 'em!

Centerpieces – love ’em!



I wrote advice in their guest book.  LOL, I’m probably not the right person to ask for marriage advice!

Love you, Lilly & Lucas!  Hope to visit you soon!  ❤ ❤ ❤

Lilly and Lucas Landed Locally

Lilly was here in my kitchen! Eating my enchiladas! YAY!

Lilly was here in my kitchen! Eating my enchiladas! YAY!

Lilly and Lucas are HERE!  Well, not here exactly.  That is, they’re in the States.  In Texas!  In DALLAS!

I wanted to greet them when they got off the plane, but, well—Security at DFW (that’s Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, to you non-local types) is pretty tight.  I could have waited at the baggage claim, but they rented a car, so I would have seen there to say, “Hello!” and then “See you later!”

So instead, they rented their car at DFW and drove to my house.  I was in the kitchen, preparing genuine Texan enchiladas.

I hugged Lilly up!  It was so weird—like she’d only been gone a day.  Then I met Lucas in person for the first time.  But it didn’t feel like the first time; we’d Skyped and emailed so much that he was already an old friend.

I had a bag of Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips waiting for her.  She grabbed them and torn into them!

“OhmyGod I missed these soooo much!” she said.

Lucas ate a few, but she said, “You’ll spoil your dinner!”

I think that was just a ruse to get him to stop eating her chips.  When I said as much, she winked at me.

I’m sexy, AND I can cook!

I’m sexy, AND I can cook!

Lucas pretends to like the enchiladas, but…

Lucas pretends to like the enchiladas, but…

They were waaay too hot for him! 

They were waaay too hot for him!

His first impressions of the US include, “Discovered Sonic today. Mind blown. Love Walmart. Candy is epic! Your drivers are fucking maniacs, I would fit in well! Your Internet speeds are phenomenal as is your cable TV!  Your health care so far has been outstanding, and can’t get over the traffic, it’s insane! Your people have been so polite and nice so far!”

He also said that I’m just as beautiful in person.  Although I may be putting words in his mouth, that he agreed to out of reflex!  Hee hee

He continued, “Can’t get over how hot it is!!!  And I love the yellow school buses! They’re so awesome, just like the movies!!! Haahaha”

I answered, “Hot?!  It’s cool right now!  It’s below a 100!”  I checked the temperature.  At 8:30 p.m, it’s 79F.  Hmm, must have been in the 90s today.

“Pfft!” he answered, then added, “I love how Lilly’s accent changed back!  I love it!”

I laughed.  She had been mistaken for an Australian on the plane!

Speaking of Lilly, how does she feel being back in the States?

She told me, “It’s weird being back with my husband!  It’s like going back to my life but oh wait, I have a husband here with me now!  I’m loving seeing people and showing Lucas my life!!!  He gets so excited about yellow school buses lol.  They don’t have them in Australia.  I’ve missed some of the food!!  And my face wash!!!!”  It’s cute that they both mentioned buses.

I added, “And Sun Chips?”

“Omg yes and sun chips.  And Mexican food.”

I’m glad I cooked the right meal!

Post-Midterm Confidence!

Post-Midterm Confidence!

In other news, I took my Last Midterm Ever.  Mission accomplished!  I’m pretty sure that I aced it.  Which means that I at LEAST passed it.  Either way, only two months left of school, then it’s Graduation, Baby!

And if I’m lucky, a date with Professor Mercury!  WOOT!

I’ll see Lilly and Lucas again soon.  Their wedding reception is on Saturday, so I’m sure I’ll get one or two pics and another story.  Crazy things happen when Lilly and I get together.  ESPECIALLY when we’re drinking!

Did you like Naughty Nadia’s sexpliots?  If so, leave her a comment.  Maybe she’ll return more stories.  She’s told me some juicy ones from her high school days.  And then there’s the Spring Break trip to New Orleans!  And OMG, the summer that she spent with the swingers.

I love Lilly and Lucas!  ❤ ❤ ❤  So glad they’re here!!!!


Happily Ever After Part II: Lucas Update


Lucas is 26 now!!  Happy birthday, my Aussie friend!

Happy 26th Birthday!

Happy 26th Birthday!  

This post is the second part of an update on my friend Lilly Peach-Blueberry and her new husband Lucas Blueberry.  They married in March after she moved from Texas to Australia to be with him.

Deodorant Dream Saga

“I said good morning to Lilly, and she was all mad at me.  I hadn’t been awake for more than 3 minutes, so I knew that I hadn’t done anything.  It was literally all in her head.  Literally!  It was a dream!” Lucas said of the Deodorant Dream Saga.

I laughed.

Lilly insisted, “You wanted me to wear Cherry Vodka Scented Deodorant!  How dare you!”  Then she laughed, too.

Interview Time

I asked Lucas, “What are your favorite parts of being married?”

He answered, “Do I have to keep it G-rated?  Then my favorite bits can’t be in there.”  He smiled, kissed his love, then answered, “Seriously, though, I never had a girlfriend on my birthday before, and now I have a wife, which is even better.  I love seeing her in morning, kissing her, doing things with her.”  They kissed again.

Seriously, these two are too freakin’ cute!

I distracted him by saying, “Hey you two!  I’m here, too!  Break it up!  Lucas, Lilly said that you go on random adventures together.  What has been your favorite so far?”

“We saw a wallaroo.  We were—you know—location scouting before the party, up in the mountains.  We were looking for places to take good pictures.  And there he was!” Lucas said.

Location scouting.  Right.  On the way to a party.  I think we all know what newlyweds do on rural roads after sundown!  (Wink, wink, nudge-nudge, know what I mean?)

“What other g-rated adventures have you two been on?” I prompted.

“We went to the museum!” he said, as excited as a five-year-old.  “In the earthquake room at the Questacon Science Museum, we built a house out of blocks.  You know, you build a house, then the earthquake shakes it down.”  I assume that he meant there was a vibration table in the room, because I seriously doubt that the museum has daily earthquakes.  But I haven’t been there, so I don’t know for sure.

Lucas continued, “A 10-year-old stole her blocks.  She was so mad, she yelled the child.  That was seriously rude of the little kid.  Then we went to the tornado exhibit, where if you put your hand in the tornado, it will break.”  Here I assume that he meant one of the special fans that has smoke in the air stream, so that you can see the flow and get an idea for how tornadoes are made.  But then again, maybe someone has actually captured a tornado for the museum.  Stranger things have happened.

Lucas said, “The 10-year old kept breaking it.”

Lilly piped in, “So rude!  That little kid—urgh!”

Parents should keep an eye on their kids.  Just because the place is educational, doesn’t mean that the little ones should be allowed to run wild.

Lucas was on a roll now.  “You know that she’s afraid of heights, right?”

“Wait, the big bad Marine is afraid of heights?!  I thought Marines weren’t scared of anything!” I said, shocked.

They laughed.  “Oh, ya, big time!” Lilly said.

Lucas added, “There was this slide thing – she was terrified.  Here, watch the video!

“Oh my God, I kept my eyes closed the whole time!” Lilly said.  “Look!  I held onto the bar as long as possible!”

I laughed!


“We went to see our tree for our 2 month anniversary,” Lucas told me.

I smiled.  Lilly had told me this two or three times.  That was the tree where he had proposed on the day they had their pictures taken with the gorgeous view.  The clouds had broken the sun shown down on them when she said, “Yes!”

Lilly added, “It was soooo cold!  We froze our asses off!”

Then she looked at her darling, and they kissed.  Again.

“Lucas!” I said, trying to break them apart.  “Lilly tells me that you buy her a Kinder Surprise egg every time you go to the gas station.  Tell me why?”

Kinder Surprise eggs are chocolate eggs with plastic toys inside.  They aren’t sold in the US.  Lilly said that it’s because Americans are too stupid; they might try to eat the toy.  I think Americans are smarter than that; they’d eat the toy on purpose, so that they can sue the candy company.  At any rate, Lilly loves them, and she hasn’t choked on a toy yet.  As far as I know.

“Because I love seeing her smile, and they make her smile.  I love seeing her happy,” he said.

Nailed it.  Best. Answer. Ever.

Culture Shock

Lilly told me how different Australia is.  “We buy meat at the butcher’s store, which is in the shops.  The grocery store is a stand-alone store, in the mall.  It’s weird.”

“That is weird,” I said.  “Hey, we’re on Skype!  Show me the collect of toys that you’ve gotten from your Kinder Surprise eggs.  You must have a pile by now!”

“They’re all over the place,” she answered.  “I think there are some on the bench in the kitchen.”

I was shocked.  “Lilly, you just said BENCH!  Not kitchen counter!  You’re being assimilated!”

The utter look of shock on her face was real.  I couldn’t believe it!  Next, she’ll stop saying, “y’all”!!

After we overcame our moment of panic, she continued to tell me about her new home.

“There’s no central air or heat.  Electricity is too expensive.  We actually have a wood burning stove that we stack with wood when we go to bed at night.  Even then, it gets damn cold.  It got down to -9C!!”

Lucas said, “Hold on, I’ll translate that.”  He got on Google and came back with, “That’s 15.8 degrees F!!”

“Wow,” I said.  “It gets that cold, and you don’t have heat?!

“It’s a buggar in the morning, when it’s that cold and the fire has died” Lucas told me.  “I went to my car the other day, and the handle was iced shut.  I almost called into work and said, ‘Sorry, boss, my car is iced shut.  Can’t come to work today.’”

“I would have!  But then, here in Texas, I want to call into work for the opposite reason: the steering wheel is too hot to touch!” I answered.  “Seriously, when it’s over 100F in the shade, leaving the air conditioned house is just as hard as when it’s 15 degrees outside.”

“I miss that!” Lilly said, pouting.

“Well, you’ll be here in March, for your bachelorette party, right?” I said.  I felt a little pouty myself; I miss her terribly.  Wine over Skype is just not the same as in person.

“October!” Lilly and Lucas said in unison.  “We’ll be there in October!”

I did a little happy dance.  It’s a little early to start stockpiling the wine, but it’s only a few months away.  Lilly and Lucas are coming to Dallas!  YAY!

Until then, we’ll continue to keep in touch over Skype.  Congrats on almost-three months, my friends!  Here’s to many more!


Tomorrow night is my date with Keith.  Wish me luck!  


Married Men

(Saturday, March 21) “You’re still living with your wife?” I asked.  I tried to keep the shock from showing on my face.  Be cool, I told myself, Just smile and have a good time.  Easier said than done, when I just found out that my date was living with his WIFE!

“Yes, like I said, we’ve been separated for more than a year.  I moved out for a while, but then…” Charlie Coconut looked off into space, thinking about what to say next.  “Well, like I said, it’s complicated.  We have two kids.  It was easier for me to live with them, in another room.”

Huh.  Can you be separated if you’re living in the same house?  I mean, would a judge accept that as legally separated?  I don’t know the law, but I do know that I avoid drama.  And this situation sounds like drama waiting to happen.

We were at the Holy Grail (searched for and found!) Pub for Lilly’s going away party.    Charlie excused himself to take a call, and Lilly’s mom said, “Wow, he is cute!!!  6 foot tall, brown hair, muscles—mmhmm!  How long have you been seeing him?”

I smiled and said, “This is our first date.  I don’t know if we’ll go out again; he’s complicated.”  I briefly explained to her and another friend what Charlie had just told me.  “So, I’m going to tell him that I won’t go out with him again, until after he gets his own place.”

My friends agreed.  “Though it’s a shame.  He’s awfully cute.”

Couldn’t argue with that.

Charlie returned.  He finished his 2nd beer and said, “I’d better not have another, or I’ll be sleeping here tonight.  I’m such a light weight.  I’ve been avoiding alcohol because I’m working out, getting in shape.  I got fat.”

I couldn’t agree with that.  “I wouldn’t say ‘fat.’  Soft, maybe.”  I said, truthfully.  That’s what I call myself; I’m in good shape, but I don’t have a six-pack.

“I’m getting in shape for bikini season,” he said, smiling.  Then he realized how that might be taken, and he added, “I don’t wear bikinis.  I don’t want you to think that I’m some kind of freak.  Oh God, I’m becoming bloggable, aren’t I?!”

I laughed!  I knew what he meant!  He was sweet and adorable and he read my blog!  Control yourself, Jules.  He’s not available.  I scowled at myself and said, He accepted my invitation to come out tonight.  Obviously, he’s interested.  And obviously, I was conflicted, because I was arguing with myself.

The rest of the night went well.  We laughed and joked with Lilly’s friends.  Lilly herself went from smiling to tearful goodbyes.  I looked away; I wasn’t ready for that yet.

As fun as the night was, I had to tell Charlie that I can’t date him until after he gets his own place.  He said, “I understand.  And I’m saving your FWB blog to read later.”



Married Man II

Rick Raspberries isn’t exactly married, though he may be common law married.  He’s been living with his girlfriend for a year and a half, but has been with her for 7 years total.  We met at Company H and have become good friends.  Yesterday we hiked together on one of my favorite trails.  But I have to remember that we’re friends, like me and Reggie or me and Lilly: no matter how much I enjoy their company, we will never be anything more.

Unless, of course, Lilly becomes Lilly the Lesbian and flies back to Texas to sweep me off my feet.

I’m not holding my breath.

Match Update

In the meanwhile, my profile is still posted on  How’s that going?  Here’s a small part of a recent conversation.

“If you could travel to any era, when would you go?” I ask in my profile.  It’s one of the conversation starter questions that Reggie and I wrote.  The goal is to see if a guy can make me laugh with his answer.

“I would travel back to the late 80’s and invest everything I had in Microsoft & Apple! LOL.  What about you?” Tony wrote.

“I’d go to the future, and see how small or large phones are.  My smart phone amazes me.  I wonder if we’ll have phones embedded in our hands (ala Blade Runner) or use small communicators (Star Trek),” I said.  I change my answer almost every time I’m asked, to keep it fresh.

“Yeah I would also like to travel to the future point in time when they’ve cured all sexually transmitted diseases – just to see how freaky people become? LOL,” Tony replied.

Wow, did he just go from talking about futuristic phones to sex?  Just, wow.

Maybe he’s a fan of Robert Heinlein, who combines science fiction and orgies.  If so, he should have mentioned the author, and even then, this is the 2nd email that the man has ever sent me.  Number two.  Kinda soon to be bringing up sex, IMHO.  I think even Heinlein waited until chapter 2.


So, instead of hanging out on Match waiting for Mr. Right, I’ve been hanging out with friends.  I just wish that just ONE of them was available!

Got to go, Reggie is on his way over, on his trip from Chicago to Austin.  He may not emotionally available, but at least he’s not married!


Prickly Strawberry

Jules 1988

Jules 1988

“I’m so mad at Lilly!” I told Jack.  I listed a couple of things that she’d done to annoy me.  They seemed small even to my ears.  Why was I so upset?

I thought back to 1983, when I first remember feeling this way.  “I hate this school.  I hate the bullies.  I hate the stuck-up preps.  I hate…”  I continued my list as I ran.  At 9 years old, I was practicing Hate Therapy.  That is, I was concentrating on all the things that I hated about my current location, so that it wouldn’t be so hard to move.

So I wouldn’t think about my best friend Milam Saxon: a small, red-headed mouse of a girl with large glasses.  Or the open corn field that would become a mud pit where my siblings and I would sink over our knees in mud after a good rain.  Or the open roads where I loved to run, which was a different form of therapy.

We moved every 3 to 5 years due to Dad’s job.  I tried to concentrate on the positives, like new experiences.  But leaving was always easier with a little hate thrown in.

Breakups tend to be the same for me.  I yo-yoed with Mike because I didn’t get angry during the break up.  No anger = no closure.

Realizing that anger was my coping mechanism, I let it go.  And the tears rose up as my throat tightened.  I’m happy that my friend found happiness.  At least, I want to be happy for her.  Right now, I’m sad for my loss.  Time to go for a run to clear my head.

Lilly, I miss you already!


Jules & Lilly

Jules & Lilly

Lilly Loves Lucas!! <3


“He’s just as wonderful in person as I thought he would be. You know how I thought I would be awkward? There was none of that—it’s like we’ve known each other forever,” Lilly said with a huge smile on her face. We were Skyping. I sat in Dallas, Texas and she sat in Canberra, Australia; a world apart but talking like we were sitting next to each other. This scenario was quite fitting, since this is how she and Lucas dated for about a year. Only this time, Lucas sat next to her. She positively glowed.

“What’s been your favorite part of the trip?” I asked her.

“Sex. I mean, fireworks on New Year’s on Sydney harbor! There was a wedding taking place and so we could see the wedding and the fireworks at the same time, ohhhh, it was perfect! First we were standing in front of the Opera House. Then I had to go to the bathroom. I told Lucas that I’d be right back, but…” Lilly started to say.

“I wouldn’t let her out of my sight!” Lucas said. Just as I started to melt, he added, “You have too many friends who have guns.”

We laughed. Ok, so Lilly and I live in Texas, and a lot of us have guns. And she may have named one or two of her guns, which are typically close at hand. He has a really good point.

Lilly continued, “So when I came out of the restroom, we looked for another vantage point, and decided to try the bridge. The view was amazing! We got to enjoy two great views: from the Opera House and from the Bridge!” Her smile got bigger. I honestly didn’t think that was possible!

I asked Lucas for his favorite moment of the trip so far.

Lucas answered, “Our first dinner at the Italian restaurant was really good. Jet lag hit; she kept zoning in and out.”

Lilly interjected, “I was like, what? Oh, ya, I’m listening. Huh? It was pretty bad. I was just really tired all of a sudden.”

“I kept asking, Am I boring you?” Lucas added.

“Right! But the food was really good,” Lilly said.

I giggled. They were telling the story as a tag team, like the newlywed couples. It was so darn CUTE!

“Was that the night that you ate the chocolate cake?” I prompted. I’d read about that one on Facebook. The two photographers posed selfies daily, and their friends—including me!—enjoyed reading up on their latest adventure.

“Oh no, that was another night!” Lilly said, winding up for a good story.

“She stabbed me!” Lucas whined with mock seriousness.

“He was trying to eat my cake!” Lilly told me, defensively. “What he didn’t tell you, is that he had already eaten his cake!”

“NO!” I said, scandalized.

“Yes! AND IT WAS A BUFFET! He could have gone back for more!” Lilly huffed. To her lover, she said, “You were warned!”

He mumbled and grumbled, and then kissed her. It wasn’t the first kiss that they’d exchanged since we started talking. I was torn between thinking, Oh, how sweet! And hanging up on them. It’s not nice to kiss in front of someone who hasn’t been kissed in weeks. It’s just not.

But they’re so cute together!!!!!!

Lilly broke from the kiss to tell me another story. “It’s so great, he gets lost easily, so I’ve been his navigator! HA! I fly from another country to tell him how to get around in his home country! It’s too much! So we’re driving through the country and there’s this beautiful field, right?”

I nod, telling her that I’m listening. I’m smiling already; I can tell this is going to be good.

“And he says, I could bury your body down there,” Lilly said. She pursed her lips together and looked at him sidewise.

I laughed! “Oh, a romantic drive in the country!”

“Right! So I remind him that he gets bored on long drives by himself, and he’d have to drive a long ways with me in the trunk—“

“It’s a boot! Here, we call it a boot!” Lucas corrected.

Lilly rolled her eyes. “Yes, a trunk is a boot. This morning he told me that my cell phone was on the bench. The bench! I had no idea what he was talking about! Turns out, they call the kitchen counter, a bench! Who knew!”

“A bench is something you sit on!” I said. Lucas was trying to tell us that we were wrong, but we talked over him. “Unless you can sit on the kitchen counter. Then you could, technically, call it a bench.”

“It is kinda low,” Lilly said. “I might try sitting on it later… ANYWAY. We were out in the country and I told him that he didn’t like to ride long distances by himself, he wouldn’t want to drive that far with me in the BOOT, and I’d haunt him. So he decided not to kill me.”

Lucas nodded with a serious expression. I could tell that he wanted to laugh.

“Yes, but what if he had killed you right then? He wouldn’t have to drive with you in the TRUNK, though he would face a long drive home alone,” I added, playing the Devil’s advocate.

“Yes, well, he didn’t think of that, happily,” Lilly told me. They were hugging with their heads touching; they did that a lot. Like they couldn’t get close enough to each other. “And there’s the whole haunting thing, so I don’t think that we have to worry about him killing me any time soon.”

“And friends with guns,” Lucas reminded us.

“Oh yes, of course,” I said.

The two told me how ketchup is called tomato sauce—that’s tuh-mah-to, not toe-may-to, as a waitress had informed my friend—and how Lucas had valiantly chopped the heads off of shrimp (prawns) for her. They visited a beach named after her sister (well, it had the same name, at least) and he actually got into the water. He never gets into the water. His mother was shocked!

Lilly was most proud of the fact that he was trying new foods for her. You see, he’s always been a picky eater and hated to try new things. But every day, he’d try one new thing, just for her. “The steamed crab legs were the best,” he told me. “Though I liked the raw tomato, too.”

“I also got him to try a cracker with brie and fig jam. He liked that, and the pear and raspberry cake,” Lilly added with joy. She was trying new foods, too, of course. “Their burgers are the best! They use real beef, not that soy stuff that American fast food restaurants sell.”

“We have laws that the burgers must be at least 95% beef,” he said.

“Yes! And the burger that I got yesterday had pineapple, lettuce, mayo, BBQ sauce, and bacon. Though the bacon was more like ham, not like real bacon,” Lilly informed me.

I laughed. I love real bacon.

She continued, “The McDonald’s has a steak menu, chocolate cones, and macaroons!!”

“This is why she wants to move to Australia: for the food, not for me!”

I laughed while they kissed, yet again. I had to get off the phone (Skype) soon—I was suffering from an overload of adorable!!!

Lucas said, “Seeing her for the first time in the airport was pretty fun. I felt like she was home.”


Wow. True love, though they met a world away. Thank you, friends, for restoring my faith in love. I look forward to meeting you in March!


I’ll write more about my adventures on Match in the coming weeks.

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