Breakfast in Bed–Almost

Crispy bacon, steamy coffee, and fluffy pancakes were served to me on a tray in bed. Or, at least, that’s how it could have been. Instead, I hopped out of bed and helped Zack make breakfast. He couldn’t figure out my fancy Cuisine Art coffee maker, so he had made me tea. Since he was concentrating on that, he forgot to cook the bacon. He’s adorable and thoughtful and I love him. I also love that he was in my kitchen trying to spoil me! I didn’t mind a bit that I ate at the table instead of in bed. Everything was delicious!

Breakfast in Bed--uh, almost.  Nov 29, 2014.

Breakfast in Bed–uh, almost. Nov 29, 2014.

Zack said that it was his first time cooking pancakes. I feel extra special that he would step outside his comfort zone to cook me what I wanted. Ok, so it was a mix and he just had to stir water and eggs into the dry powder. Still, he did a fabulous job! And he did it for me!

We spent the rest of yesterday (Saturday) morning at Ikea. Ikea is a huge furniture store. Its warehouse-sized showrooms are set up to demonstrate that you can furnish a 500 sq ft apartment/dorm room with just $1000. There are offices, bedrooms, and kitchens that may cost more, but are still based on the cheap, modular furniture for which Ikea is famous. Zack and I meandered slowly down the aisles, stopping to pick up interesting items.

Next to a stuffed carrot sat a stuffed green vegetable. Zack asked, “Is this broccoli? It’s green with a cloud-shaped top, but the smiley face on the stem is throwing me off.”

I shrugged. “It could be,” I answered.

A child showed one of the toys to his mom, who shook her head. He tossed it back into the bin.

“Little Tommy never ate broccoli again. All because his mother wouldn’t buy him a broccoli toy!”

I giggled. “That’s entirely possible. She should have bought him the broccoli and the carrot! He could have grown up to LOVE veggies!

“Sigh, it wasn’t meant to be!”

Veggie toys forgotten, Zack was drawn to a light-colored teal shelf with metal mesh doors. He admired it and opened the doors. “Retro!” he said.

“Hideous!” I answered. It really was. “Maybe it would be prettier if it was a couple of shades darker, like my friend’s wedding colors.”

We wondered over to the kitchen section where Zack seriously considering buying a new cutting board. “I have a perfectly good cutting board,” he said, “but these are neat!”

I nodded. Ikea, Target, and a few clothing stores have taken my hard-earned money in exchange for lots of neat stuff that I didn’t need at the time. Today, though, I stood strong. There was nothing here that I needed.

We almost got out the doors without buying anything. We were so close! The filing cabinets weren’t quite what I wanted, the lights that my cousin desired were discontinued, and Zack left the hideous shelves behind. (He might go back for a couple of side tables later on.) Then I found a Christmas present for Sally, so we had to stand in the long checkout line. Which wasn’t a big deal, since we had no place to be. But we were so close!

“Are you hungry?” Zack asked. “Because I need to get something to eat.”

“Do you want some of Ikea’s famous Swedish meatballs?” I asked. Why a furniture store had a café was beyond me. I guess shoppers work up an appetite walking the large store; it does have two floors.

“No, let’s go somewhere else,” he answered.

So I took him to one of my favorite brunch places, The Egg & I, and introduced him to the joy of green chili chicken hash.

The rest of the day was lazy and relaxed. The whole weekend was, really, from Thursday to today (Sunday). I only cooked two sides for Thanksgiving, instead of a big spread. (And I’m glad, because there are still plenty of leftovers.) We went to my friends’ house for dessert, which took some pressure off me, since I didn’t have to cook pies. (My friends love Zack, of course!) Zack, Jack, and I spent time watching shows on Netflix. Zack and I also spent time talking and getting to know each other better. We got to know each other several times over the course of the weekend, and I enjoyed every minute ; – ) I even took a couple of naps. But only because we stayed up late.

So of course today, I am back to my usual Type A self: I got up at 4:30 a.m. without an alarm clock and immediately worked out. Right now, I’m doing laundry and writing a blog. I’m going to get a couple of hours of work done after this, then work on my thesis. I wonder if I have time to go hiking this afternoon. Maybe I’ll call a friend to see if she wants to go, or hang out for drinks tonight.

Thanks for trying to serve me breakfast in bed, Zack! I relaxed for a little while. I love you!


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