Painting with a Twist


Allie Apple organized a Girls Night Out (GNO) at Painting With a Twist.  PWT is BYOB (bring your own bottle), so grabbed a nice Cabernet and headed out.  Remember Bob, the guy who used to paint “Happy Little Trees” and “Majestic Mountains?”  His oil paintings would be part of the Very Advanced Class at PWT.  This establishment specializes in making paintings so simple, that you can do them drunk.

Because, like Bunco, quilting circles, and school dances, the whole point of the night is to gossip and drink.

I even made friends with the ladies on my right, who weren’t part of our crowd.  Shout out to Candice and her mom Angie!

Here’s some insight into the conversation last night, since I’m sure you’re dying for a snippet of information:

  1. Allie is fantastically happy with her man. Since they’ve said the “L” word, they’ve happier than ever!  Congrats!  ❤
  2. Cindi Clementine convinced the guy that she was seeing most of last year to use the term, “Girlfriend,” in December. They’re practically living together now.  Altho, his family doesn’t know that she exists.  Sigh, baby steps.  Maybe next year.
  3. Ruth and Sam are still happily married. I love that they’re older than me and still go out on dates, like this one.  They’re both great people, too; I used to work with Ruth (and Cindi, and Allie) and Sam would meet us for lunch sometimes.  ❤
  4. Cindi is a rebel. Instead of Texas, she painted her home state of Florida.  She looked up the outline on her phone and painted it free hand; it was actually pretty impressive.  But Florida looked a lot less like the “O” in “LOVE.”  Eh, who cares?  Creative license.
  5. I announced how much I love my friends, including Reggie and Rick. It was along the lines of, “I love you man!” without them actually being there.

We played a silly party game.  I didn’t think that I could be treated any more like a 1st grader: we took breaks from painting to let the paint dry and the pattern was already drawn on the canvas for us.  That’s right, we we’re trusted with the stencils. And THEN, we played “Heads or Tails?”  The host flipped a coin, and while it was in the air, we were told to grab our heads or—our tails, of course.  If we won, we remained standing.  If we lost, we sat down.  Easiest. Game. Ever.  No thinking involved, no strategy, not even a chair to sit in when the music stopped.  I understand why; they can’t play any drinking games.  That might make them libel for someone’s DUI (Driving Under the Influence is what policemen give to people who are weaving all over the road, drunk off their asses).  So what are you going to do?  Play stupid party games.  It was actually kinda fun.

Then we played, “Who can get the most likes on social media?”  This was a shameless marketing campaign, and it worked.  We all played.  We all gave PWT free publicity, in a degrading popularity contest.  I’m happy to say that the Birthday Girl (Vanessa, I think) won with 18 Likes in 30 minutes.  I’m glad; the Bday girl should always win the prize!  She took home a wine bottle painted with the same picture as her painting.  Oh, look, double the bad art!  But the “canvas” is recycled!

I was bored with my picture, so I added some swirlies.  EVERYTHING looks better with swirlies.  Ryan, the hot-but-way-too-young host, admired my creativity.  If he’d been a little older, I’d have admired something of his—oh oh!

And that was about it for Friday’s GNO at PWT (BYOB).  Just a low key good time, with some overly simplistic paint-by-the-numbers.  Well, paint by the instructions, at least! Have another glass of wine, it looks FINE!  Remember, the painting will hang on the wall, no one’s going to get close enough to see your mistakes.  REALLY!

Thanks, Allie, for organizing a fun night out!  I love you man!