Conner the Computer Geek, Part 2


Notice that Gina’s cigarette (left) looks like it’s about to burn some girl’s crotch.


That Friday Lisa, her friend Gina, and I went on a Girl’s Night Out (GNO).  I was a bit unsettled when I realized that if I said or did anything stupid, which I sometimes do when I drink, Conner would hear about it, because Lisa was Conner’s best friend.  But Gina & Lisa were so easy to get along with that I soon forgot my fears.  We talked about Gina’s husband, my two kids, and everything else.  Lisa had also dated Mike, for 2-3 months, so we had that in common.

GNO started out at Saba’s (a bar) and moved to Malaga’s (another bar) where we ordered Portobello mushrooms and artichoke heart dip on crostini.  The fact that we all loved these foods brought us closer together and we drank and giggled over more life stories.  Polly Ester’s was our next stop: an 80’s themed night club where the hardcore dress the part.  We danced, played Ms. Pac Man, and sang Karaoke.  Our song was “Friends in Low Places” by Garth Brooks.

“I’ve got friends in low places, where the whiskey drowns and the beer chases my blues away.  Ya, I’ll be ok.  I’m not big on social graces, think I’ll slip on down—to the O-asis!  Oh ya, I’ve got Friends!  In low places!”

I thought it was fitting.  Lisa had a sore throat, so she didn’t sing, and Gina didn’t know the song too well, but we had fun.


This is part 2 of the Conner story.  I wrote most of it in 2002, while in the thrall of infatuation.  OMG I’m such a dork when I’m in love!  Enjoy!


Conner called to check on us (what a sweetie!).  Well, actually he called Lisa.  Gina pointed out that they had been friends for six years.  After Lisa talked for a few minutes, she passed me the phone.

I told him, “I miss you terribly.”  I couldn’t believe how true that was.  I had seen him the morning before, but I still missed him.  The feeling was made worse by the realization that I didn’t know when we’d see each other again.  He was working all weekend.

He said, “I miss you, too.”  We discussed his visit and soon said goodbye.

I went back to the girls and had a few sips of my drink, then excused myself.  The margaritas were hitting me hard.  I called Conner back and said, “I still miss you.”

He said, “I miss you, too.  Tell you what, we’ll do something tomorrow night, okay?”

Okay?!  I was overjoyed!  I meekly answered, “Okay.  Sweet dreams.”  I was smiling as I rejoined my friends.

Later Gina went home, but that didn’t faze Lisa or me.  We continued dancing.  Since none of the guys were approaching us, I asked Lisa if she wanted to attract some attention.  She said, “Yea!” so I dirty danced with her.  She happens to be a very good dancer.  The guys were all over us in two seconds flat.  Lisa met James, and I tried dancing with his friend Arnold, but the guy kept getting too close.  I brushed him off and went to get another drink.  I had to let down five more guys on the way to the bar!

I knew beyond a doubt that I liked Conner.  Even when I was married, I’d flirt with the guys and even get their numbers.  I never called them, but it was fun to pretend.  If I was unwilling to play that game, I must really like my guy!

I was finally able to drag Lisa out the door.  We went through the Whataburger drive thru (yep, I was drunk enough that I ate a burger AND fries).  Then I crashed in her bed for a few hours before driving myself home.

After waking up early Saturday afternoon, I called Conner to see what time he was coming over.

“When do you want me?” he asked.

It was about 2 p.m.  “Right now,” I said playfully.

He said, “I’m going to take a shower & I’ll be right over.”

“I was joking! Don’t you have work to do?” I said, laughing.

“It can wait until Monday,” he replied.

“Alright, then, can you be here at 4?” I said.  I needed to shower, change, and make a mad dash around the living room picking up kids’ toys and laundry.

He said he’d try.  He was here at 3:40; he was eager to see me!  And he had grabbed McDonald’s hamburgers on the way over.  He remembered that I didn’t eat fried foods, but everything at Mickey Dees is fried, so he took a chance and got me a cheeseburger.  It was so sweet of him that I hated to admit that I hated ALL fast food!  I ate part of one anyway, and promised myself that I’d run an extra mile or two the next day.

We snuggled up on my couch to watch movies.  I had been watching “Hercules” and sang along to Meg’s “No chance, no way, I won’t say it, no, no; it’s too cliché, I won’t say I’m in love.”  Then I turned it off so that we could watch an adult movie.  “Monkey Bone” was funny and sweet.

Afterward I announced that I was hungry, so I took Conner to the Texas Land & Cattle Company.   I wore a little hot pink tank top dress and we were very affectionate with each other in the car: stroking each other’s thighs, kissing at red lights.  I popped in my Garth Brook’s CD and sang “Wrapped up in you” to him.  He smiled at my animated singing and was even bopping along with me by the end of it.

At the restaurant I told Conner about my academic history.  “I attended a high school for gifted and talented students in Louisiana; THE state school for the gifted.  There I earned a full scholarship to LSU, but instead accepted a partial academic scholarship to TCU.  I attended TCU for only a year before meeting and falling in love with my first husband.”  Since my relationship wasn’t the point of the conversation, I kept talking.  “I didn’t return to school for two years, and that was only to take some secretarial classes.  After another marriage, baby, and divorce, I returned to school.  I’ve been in school part-time for a year and a half now, working toward a degree in engineering.”

“Why?” Conner asked.

“Because I can, because I am capable of so much more.  Secretarial duties are boring, repetitive.”  I answered.

“Engineering can be, too!” Conner said.

I was shocked.  I didn’t know what he based his answer on, but I didn’t ask.  “Engineering also pays more.  I’d rather be bored making twice as much money.”  I said, disappointed that he didn’t admire or support that goal.  “But if I decide that it takes too long to get an engineering degree, time spent away from my kids, I can take two classes and have a ‘consolation prize’ of an associate degree in foreign languages (French).  I signed up for the classes and planned to go to school half-days, but that was while I working at my last job, where my boss was understanding and flexible with my schedule.  I may have to drop the classes so that I can work a full-time job.  I don’t know if another employer would let me go to school half-days.”  I had mixed feeling about this; I really wanted a degree, but I needed to provide for my family, too.  “An associate degree isn’t going to help me get a job, but after going to school for so long, I want a diploma.”

Conner was obviously uncomfortable with the discussion.  He changed the subject.  “If this deal goes through, my business can put some money in the bank—to fall back on—and reinvest the other half into equipment.”

While I was interested in his business and appreciated the fact that he confided in me, I felt like we missed something.  He hadn’t appreciated my feelings about school and hadn’t really understood the depth of my feelings.  He didn’t care enough to give me advice or offer support; he just changed the subject.  I felt deflated.  Suddenly, my food lost its taste, and I picked at it as Conner continued to share his business plan.

After dinner we returned to my house and started another movie.

He told me, out of the blue, “I decided where to put ALF.”

“Oh really?  Where?”

“On top of my desk hutch, so I can see him all the time while I work.”  He smiled at me, pleased as can be.  I was thrilled that he liked that old puppet so much!

I asked him his middle name, to which he replied, “Conner.”

“Well then what is your first name?”  I asked.

He hesitated.  It was obvious that he didn’t care for it, but he begrudgingly said, “Charles.”  What a fine name!  Charles Conner Jeffers.

“My brother’s middle name was Conner.  As a matter of fact, you and he have similar noses & face shapes & body types (tall & skinny) & both wear glasses,” I said, surprised that I was just now realizing this.

“Oh really?  So you’re telling me that I remind you of your BROTHER?!” Conner asked, amused.

“Uh, not really.  My brother is an officer in the Air Force, extremely quiet, and very pure.  He speaks Spanish, some German, and Russian; he doesn’t want anyone to understand him.  You, on the other hand, are very communicative, which was one of the many things I love about you,” said, kissing him.

Charles Conner and I were back at the house attempting to watch “Training Day,” a movie that wasn’t very good, when we paused it so that he could take a smoke break.  I called Lisa to check on her first date with James, the guy we had met the night before.  She said it was okay, then asked us to meet them for drinks.

We were the first to arrive at the dive bar near Conner’s house.  One of the waitresses, Holly, was way drunk and regaled us with stories about her and her boyfriend Ray.  “He doesn’t treat me right,” was the summary.

After she left, Conner confided, “Ray is married; Holly is his mistress.”

I replied, “If (heaven forbid) if doesn’t work out between you and me, I’m not dating one of your friends.”

“Thank goodness; we have enough soap opera drama around here,” he said.

Lisa showed up first, wearing a sexy short black skirt.  We had a few minutes to catch up before her date arrived.  James brought his friend Arnold Johnson.  James called him “Johnson,” but the man introduced himself as “Arnold.”  That didn’t faze James a bit; he still called him Johnson all night.  I recognized the man, but he didn’t seem to recognize me; he was one of the guys I had rejected at Polly Esters!

James talked about himself, the police academy, and his future as a small-town police officer the whole time.  Lisa was not impressed.  She and I had some side conversations while the boys talked.  At the end of the night (she later told us) James expected to go home with her.  She set him straight.

Jules Rules: If a girl invites her friends to join you on a first date, it’s probably not going well.  If she talks to her girlfriend more than she talks to you, then it’s REALLY not going well!

Back at my house that night, Conner and I snuggled.  We can never get enough of touching each other.

He looked at me seriously and said, “I want something serious.  I enjoy the sex, but I want more.”

I was very touched, because the implication was that he wanted something serious with me.   I answered, “Just take it slow, okay?”  I was surprised, nervous, excited.  I had just finalized my divorce in October; I wasn’t sure if I ready for a really serious relationship.  Not sure how to verbalize my complex feelings, I changed the subject.  “You’re so handsome,” I said.

“You think I’m handsome?” he asked, rather taken aback.

“Yes.”  He eyed me skeptically, then thoughtfully.  Apparently the thought had never occurred to him before.  Maybe he was realizing just how nearsighted I really was.


Click here for part 3, the last part of the Conner story, where I leave some crazy voicemails and I have a great non-date with a married man.  Expect to see a lot more of Lisa!


Conner the Computer Geek, Part 1



Halloween 2001.  This picture has nothing to do with the blog, I just love it.  Call me She Devil!

Every time the phone rings, I hope it’s him.  Every time there’s a knock on the door, I’m hoping that it’s Conner making a surprise visit.  Every time I kiss him, I get a warm feeling, and I just want to tell him, “I love you.”

My friends haven’t met him yet, but they already like him.  When I told Renee that he’s a bit goofy, she pointed out that goofy was just what I needed.  Jose said that he sounds like a bad ass.  Lee gave him the greatest compliment of all.  She said, “Julie, you sound happy.  I haven’t heard you sound this happy in a long time, especially where guys are concerned.  I’m happy for you, I really am.”  And she’s right; in spite of the fact that I’m unemployed, broke, and just had the worst month of my life, Conner makes me happy.  I giggled out loud in the shower the other day, just thinking about how happy I am.


Originally Written August 4, 2002, this is total cheese!  I wanted to share what I’m like when I’m completely into a guy.  I giggle when I read this, because the 2002-me is so dreamy-eyed and wistful.  The hopeless romantic in me wants this again.


But let me start at the beginning.  I was dating his roommate Mike when we meet.  Mike was a quiet man; I found it difficult to get close to him because his thoughts were so closely guarded.  My friend Jose told me that all things happen for a reason.  Perhaps I dated Mike so that I would meet and get to know Conner.

One day while Mike prepping his boat to go to the lake, he told me to make myself comfortable in the living room.  Conner kept me company.  Mike was such a quiet man that it’s hard to know what he’s thinking.  Conner, however, was refreshingly gregarious.  As we talked, I put my suntan lotion on my body.  At one point I dropped my shorts to put lotion on my hips.  (I was wearing a bikini, of course.)  He did a good job of keeping eye contact, though he later admitted that it was difficult!

We discussed Conner’s business, my kids, and other things; we got along like old friends.  When Mike told me he was ready, I glanced at my watch and was shocked to discover that Conner & I had talked for a full 30 minutes!  I felt that we had shared a lot in those 30 minutes.  I wanted to hug him, and he seemed to want to hug me; but I wasn’t sure how Mike would react, so I didn’t.  I told him that I regretted that he wouldn’t join us and waved goodbye.

Later I told my friend Renee that I liked Conner.  She told me that I had a good thing going with Mike and warned me that the grass is always greener on the other side.  She even said that she had had similar feelings about friends of her boyfriends, but after she got to know the guys, she thought, “What was I thinking?!  This guy is a dork!”  I heeded her advice and tried to keep my mind on Mike.  It wasn’t easy, especially when Mike admitted that Conner thought I was cute!  I told Mike that I liked him, too.  I couldn’t read Mike’s expression, so I changed the subject.

First Date

Mike and I dated for a month.  We just weren’t compatible and parted as friends.  Conner waited two days before asking me out, under the guise of a business lunch.  He could do that because he worked for my company as a contractor.  The conversation rapidly degenerated to raunchy jokes and sexual innuendoes.  At one point he admitted that he wasn’t wearing any underwear; I told him that we had that in common.  He blushed prettily.

I told him a joke about a young virgin who didn’t know how to wear a condom, and he told me that he detested the things.  He admitted that he preferred a fuck buddy; someone who could be a casual friend.  One of my friends said that she would have slapped him and walked off.  I was honest with myself: I had had one or two fuck buddies in the past.  But I’d outgrown that practice.  I wanted a boyfriend.  My heart sank.

He dropped me off in front of my work in full view of my coworkers, which made a goodbye kiss inadvisable, so instead I promised to call him.  The words stuck in my throat; as much as I liked him, I didn’t want to be anyone’s fuck toy.

My friends & I discussed how awkward it would be for me to date my ex-lover’s roommate.  But it had been a short relationship with Mike, and one should find happiness where one could; so I decided to take a chance and emailed Conner.

He made me smile, laugh, and feel pretty.  We emailed.  We talked about everything.  I even had the balls to email him, “Are you looking for a girlfriend or a fuck buddy?”  He emailed me back, “Your choice.”  Then he thought better of his answer and sent back, “That wasn’t a fair answer to a fair question.  I’ve never been good at one-night stands.  I’d really like a relationship.”  I smiled when I read the words; that was the answer I had hoped to receive.

Less than a week later, I was fired from my job as an office manager.  Conner was familiar with the office politics and I should have seen it coming, but it was still a shock to both of us.  The same day I was diagnosed with a heart condition, bigeminal premature ventrical contractions (PVCs).  My family physician referred me to a cardiologist for further tests, to see how serious it was.  A week later I found out that it wasn’t serious and I could continue to run and exercise.  “The diagnosis is on the same level as a heart murmur,” the doctor told me, “Avoid stress and caffeine.”

HA!  As if I could!  I’m a single mom with two kids, and unemployed on top of that!

However ridiculous the doctor’s advice was, knowing that I was fine a big relief.  That week of waiting, however, was very stressful.  Conner was very supportive, though, and I couldn’t have asked for a better friend during that difficult time.  I had already fallen for him before that, but I fell even more deeply as he held my hand and offered comfort.  It’s hard to communicate how much his support meant to me and how much he helped me through that time.  To go back to what Jose said, perhaps I was meant to meet Conner for this reason.

In an email, I asked if Mike was cool with us dating.  I didn’t want to come between two good friends.  Conner said that Mike encouraged it; apparently he was already dating someone else.  I asked Conner, “Didn’t he tell you what a nut I am?  And you still want to date me?!”

Conner replied, “Yes, but he calls me a fruitcake, too.  I figure that since we’re both fruitcakes, we should get along.”  I couldn’t argue with that logic.

Then we discussed our relationship rules.  His were simple: don’t lie and don’t cheat on me.  I respected those; they were two of my own.  Also on my list were “don’t belittle my feelings” and “don’t ignore me.”  I explained to Conner that Justin (the guy I dated in November) was a workaholic.  He would ignore me for days at a time.  Conner assured me that he’d call me and that I’d always know where he was.

“I don’t want to have you on a leash,” I said, “because I wouldn’t want to be on a leash either.  But if I call you, please take the time to call me back.”  He agreed wholeheartedly.

Second Date

Our second date was a week after our first, on a Friday night.  We ate dinner at a nice restaurant then went to see a band and get some drinks at Cool River Cafe.  We didn’t pay much attention to the band; we were too busy talking.   Conner is so easy to talk to, and we have lots in common.

Conner is 6’7” tall.  I’m 5’4” and a size 4.  Conner tells me all the time how small I am!  I love to hear it, because most of my life I was an average height, average size 9, with average brown hair.  Working out (running) has helped me slim down, but the compliments are still wonderful to hear.

Somehow we started talking about Office Space, a movie that played three years ago.  Conner claimed that the machine the characters beat up was a printer, while I claimed it was a fax.  [After watching the movie again, I’m still not sure; it seems to be a combination printer/fax machine!]  He asked how sure I was, and I bet him $10.  He told me that he wouldn’t have bet money; I asked for his suggestion.

He said, “Oral sex, all night.”

I told him, “All night is too open to interpretation.  A better choice would be oral sex to climax.”  He was slightly surprised that I had taken his suggestion seriously, but he agreed.

That three-year-old movie was pretty popular still.  Both the VHS and DVD versions had been checked out of the local Blockbuster.  Rather than traveling around town trying to find it, we went back to my place and consummated our relationship.  Conner later described the event as “Olympic.”

I asked him, “Does that mean that it only happens every four years?”

He smiled, and instead described our time together as “wild circus sex.”

That night was incredible.  We clicked together in so many ways: talking, kissing, etc.  I hated that he smoked, but with a guy this wonderful, I can overlook a flaw or two.

On the phone the next day, he asked me awkwardly about the kids.  He said, “I don’t know the rules, I’ve never dated anyone who had kids.”

“Let me worry about them.  If there’s a problem, I’ll let you know.”  Later I regretted my quick answer and sent him an email explaining that their father (Allen) and I have a pact.  The pact is simply that we won’t introduce the kids to our dates until we’ve been dating over 6 months. This is to protect the kids.  I also pointed out “Jerry McGuire” (the movie) as a bad example: Jerry seemed to fall in love with the kid before falling for his mom.  I don’t want that to happen.  Conner understood, said that he knew people (his sister-in-law?) that had similar pacts.  He assured me, though, that he liked me for me.  He is so sweet!

He loves kids, too.  I can tell by the way he talks about his friends’ kids and his nephews.  He was determined to keep a dinner date with a friend, in part, to keep from disappointing his kids.  That is so sweet.  I missed him that night, but I respected his dedication and thoughtfulness.

Third Date

We didn’t wait another week to see each other.   The following Tuesday I invited him out for lunch.  After we ate, we ended up at an empty building (his company’s former location), locked in a small office, pleasuring each other.  That was the first time I’d gotten carpet burn in years; I had it on my knees and elbows!

He called me the next day and said, “Hello, Monkey!”

“I’m not a monkey!  I’m a Gobo.”  I replied.


I explained that in high school, I was named after a character in the children’s show Fraggle Rock.  I even sung the theme song for him, “Dance your cares away! Worries for another day; let the music play/down in Fraggle Rock (clap, clap) Down in Fraggle Rock.”  I don’t think he understood, but he rolled with it.  After that he called me Gobo.



On Sunday Conner helped his friend work on a roof.  When he told me, I laughed and told him that my sister’s boyfriend, also named Conner, had owned a roofing company!  My sister and I had dated guys named Randy & Brett at the same time (in first & third grades), and later Greg and Craig!  Conner thought that was just too much.

Fourth Date

The next day (Wednesday) we met his friends at happy hour.  I was nervous; what if they didn’t like me? What if I didn’t like them?  Would we have anything to talk about?  I wasn’t even sure what to wear.

The last one was easy enough: I put on a sexy top and a pair of blue jean short shorts and asked Conner what he thought.  The shirt was cut low, so he loved it.

I presented him with a gift bag with several goodies inside:  cookies that I had made, a note that I had written, and a sketch of my Gobo character.  I had also sketched a quick likeness of him; little more than a stick figure, really; I told him that it was just a scribble.  He told me, “That’s a better scribble than I could have done.”  I was pleased with the compliment.

The part that he may have enjoyed the most was an ALF puppet.  ALF (Alien Life Form) was a Muppet that had a TV series in the 80s.  He had recently shown up on a TV commercial and Conner & I had discussed how cool it was to see him.  Conner loved ALF and said that he was going to put him in the kitchen.  He enjoyed the thought of his roommate’s face when he saw ALF!



His friends were easy going and I enjoyed talking to them.  When they asked, I was pleased to tell them that Conner and I had been together two weeks.  He was surprised that it had been that long.  Time flies when you’re having fun, I said, and kissed him.

Happy hour was fun.  It was Linda’s going away party, and she was so sweet that even I was sorry to say goodbye, even though I had just met her!  I almost hyperventilated when his best friend Lisa showed up: if Lisa didn’t like me, chances were that Conner & I wouldn’t last.  But Lisa was great (if a bit distant; I could tell that she had something—possibly work—on her mind).   She & I got along like old friends.

Conner told everyone about ALF!  He was as pleased as a kid with a new toy.  In a way, he was just a big kid with a new toy!  He told the group that I had bought ALF in the 80s, which made the puppet even more special to him.

Conner was so comfortable with his friends that he told them about our nooner.  Even he was shocked when I added that we were in the room for an hour and a half!  I apologized for keeping him so long, but he reassured me with, “Honey, I’m self-employed.  I can take as long a lunch as I want!”  We kissed (not for the first time that night).  We were told (by his friends, no less!) more than once to get a room.

One of Conner’s asked me if I had any cute friends and I told him about my friend Karen.  He gave me his phone & told me to call her, so I did.  My honey made it hard for me to speak: he kissed the back of my neck so gently that I could feel his lips on every inch of my skin.  I was finally able to explain to Karen the reason for my call, but she couldn’t join us.  Just remembering those kisses on my neck warms me.  It’s hard to explain how sweet and sensual they were.

At the end of the evening we all hugged friends goodbye; I felt they had become my friends, too.  Linda told me privately, “Stretch—oh, I call him my son, always have—he’s a good guy.  Take good care of him.  I’ll see you when you two come up to visit.”  She said it with conviction, as if she knew that the two of us would stay together.  She’s a sweet, warm woman.  Even though I had just met her, I hated to see her go!

That night Conner and I had more Wild Circus Sex.  I asked him if all his relationships were so fun.  He answered honestly, “No, usually by this time, we’ve had a fight.”

His candid reply emboldened me, so I stated, “I’ve had more sex with you these last two weeks than I’ve had the whole rest of the year put together.”

He replied, “Honey, I haven’t had this much sex since,” he thought for a minute, “three years ago.”  He kissed me.  “When you’re good together, you’re good together!”

“You are too perfect.  What are your flaws?”  I asked.  “I suppose one would be that you smoke, two would be that you’re not financial stable.”

“That’s true, but once my business is up & running, that’ll change.”  He considered for a moment, then answered me quite seriously, “I have a temper.”

“I do, too.  Sometimes I can be mad for a couple of weeks.”

“Mine is usually over in a couple of hours.”

“Mine can be, depends on the offense,” I replied.  “What else?”

He named off a couple more inconsequential things, which I can’t even remember.  I truly liked the guy.


There’s your dose of cheese for the day!  Click here for part II of the story, including a girl’s night out with Conner’s best friend Lisa.  Will she like me?  Or will she tell Conner to dump me?  Tune in to find out!



Ugh, I’m bored


“Ugh, I’m bored,” he texted me at 8 p.m. on Saturday night.

He was not my son, nor was he a teenager, like you might expect.  He was a friend that had previously asked me out, later cancelled, and never rescheduled.  AND he’s 45 years old!!  Old enough to KNOW BETTER!!

Here’s a tip for you: if you want to see me on Saturday night, ask me out by Wednesday.  Don’t wait until Saturday night and express your boredom, however elegantly.

Of course, this was a booty call.  He expected the convo to go something like this:

“Me, too,” I text.

“Why don’t you come over?  We can watch a movie or something,” he’d reply.

Warning!  “Something” in this context means sex!!

“Eh sure,” I’d say, bored and possibly clueless.

I may not be psychic, but I’ve had one or two or ten similar convos in my lifetime.  Sometimes, they even cured my boredom, if you know what I mean (wink, wink, nudge nudge!).

*Back To Reality*

My real response was, “I’m having a great time.”  Because truthfully I was out with friends having a blast.  (Shout out to my homies – you rock!)

Then I thought about it, laughed a bit with my friends, and we sent him, “I’m drunk!  Whatcha doin’?”

Note: this was a trap.  Anything sent back to me would been read out loud and mocked by everyone present.  This is what happens when you send a stupid text to me and I’m out drinking, though I think most people would do the same. At least, that’s what my friends tell me, while they’re egging me on.

Plus, I may have mocked him even if I wasn’t drinking.

That gentleman (wisely) didn’t text again.  Maybe one of the other women that he texted replied.  Because men who send out texts like that ALWAYS text more than one woman.  Sorry, Suzy*, you’re not the only one, so quit thinking you’re special when you get that booty call.

I did receive another text that night, only from someone else.  “How was the rest of your day?” The gentleman asked. This was a guy who had taken me to lunch.  And yes, he had contacted me prior to Wednesday to set it up—on Monday, in fact!

I smiled as I answered that text.

Jules’ Rules

  1. If you want to see me on Saturday, contact me by Wednesday.
  2. If you send me a stupid text when I’m drinking, you will be mocked. (And possibly when I haven’t been drinking, too.)
  3. Asking me how my day was, is much nicer than a booty call, and much better received.


*I do not know anyone named “Suzy.”  This comment was for naive women in general.

PS In other news, my titties are normal!  #AnnualMammogram