Younger Men: Yes Please!

I’ve dated several younger men: Pirate Boy, Noah, Caleb, Luke, Ian, Samuel, etc., who ranged from 3 to 12 years younger than me.  The 12-year age difference was a bit much; he seemed mature at first: he rented a nice house in a great neighborhood, was highly intelligent (a fellow mechanical engineering student at UT), and had dated a single mom before.  But rapidly revealed his immaturity when he talked to my 6 and 9 year-old children about visiting strip clubs and smoking cigars.  I didn’t break up with him for that, though; his impression of Jack Nicholson from The Shining at breakfast made me run, “Heeeeeere’s JOHNNY!”

Seriously.  Before coffee.  That shit is cruel!

I no longer date anyone under 30.  Well, not in the past month, anyways 😉

  1. Stamina. Need I say more?
  2. No (or much less) emotional baggage.
  3. Older men have too many health issues. If they go to the doctor once a month, or are on first name basis with the doctor, they’re too old for me.
  4. They’re much less likely to say they’re too tired for sex.  Oh, yes, I’ve had a man tell me that he was TOO TIRED – I did not understand what he was saying!!
  5. Energy (stamina). Younger men are much more likely to go hiking with me than older men.
  6. I hate beer bellies, and younger men tend not to have them. Hey, I work hard to ensure that I don’t have a spare tire, so I think it’s only fair that my date takes care of himself, too.
  7. They tend to go out to bars and parties more. I don’t need to go out every weekend, but I don’t like staying home every weekend, either.  Every other weekend, maybe.  This past weekend I went to a birthday party, drank around the fire pit with some other friends, met another friend for lunch, and saw a play in downtown Dallas.  I only regret that it was raining too hard for me to go for a hike.  I need a man that can keep up!
  8. Did I mention stamina?
  9. We tend to have a lot in common, like Doctor Who and Cowboy Bebop.
  10. Bet you thought I was going to stamina again, right? Well, who am I to disappoint?!  STAMINA!!

Older men do have their appeal, too: stability, disposable income, experience.  If I could find an older man with stamina, who loves to hike and take me to plays, I’d be a very happy girl!


For more information, view these great movies:

“Being Julia” – a movie that is highly rated, even though it’s not about me.  As far as you know.  ; – )

“How Stella Got Her Groove Back” – a woman vacations in Jamaica and has a fabulous affair with a hot younger man, who later shows up at her house.  She freaks out a little, or, well, a lot!  But then she calms down, after she finds out that the guy wants to be a doctor – talk about fantasy!!  It’s a pretty fantastic movie.

“The Graduate” – a classic!  Young Dustin Hoffman is worth seeing; he’s a great actor and it’s a fun movie.  A little surreal, because how many guys would cheat on their fiancées with their future mothers-in-law?  But it has a happy ending (sort of).

“Unfaithful” – A woman (played by the fabulous Diane Lane) feels old, and a young Frenchman makes her feel young again, and very hot, and very sexy.  In one scene, he walks into the restaurant where she’s having lunch with her friends.  She excuses herself, has hot sex in the bathroom, then returns to the table.  She might have gotten away with it, too, if her blouse hadn’t been buttoned wrong!  (I prefer to ignore the fact that the woman is married to Richard Gere AND cheats on him.  I hate movies about cheaters, and it’s totally unbelievable.  I mean, seriously, can you believe that ANYONE would cheat on Richard Gere?!)

“I Could Never Be Your Woman” (2002) Michelle Pfieffer, a young comedian – I love this movie!  She jokes about her hair being messy, something like, “It looks like I used egg beaters to comb it!”  The next day, he brings her a real, turn-the-crank egg beater.  Such a thoughtful present!  Then he brings her a teddy bear.  And then chocolates, and then… sigh!  Such a great love story!

Gilmore Girls: What Lorelai and I have in Common


In anticipation of the new Gilmore Girls starting soon, I’m re-watching the classic Gilmore Girls (GG).  Binge watching, actually – it’s pretty addictive.  And it’s eerie how much my life is like Lorelai’s, and how similar Sally is to Rory.

  1. My friend Kevin Kumquat is grumpy like Luke and almost as ruggedly handsome. Will we get together and subsequently break up?  Stay tuned!
  2. My daughter and I are best friends and I tell her about every date. (I also tell you, but I tell her first.)
  3. Sally and I are HILARIOUS together.
  4. I avoid my father and step-mother like Lorelai avoids her parents. There are some pretty big differences: the Gilmores are high society and my parents are more redneck (born and raised in Louisiana, but thoroughly Texan).
  5. Emily Gilmore wants to be part of her daughter’s life, and my step-mother has over-stepped the line a few times trying to be part of mine. For example, she told Facebook that she was my mother, despite the fact that she had only been married to my dad for a year and I already have a mother.  Thank God we don’t have Friday night dinners; Christmas dinner is often enough for me.
  6. Penny Pineapple, my daughter’s fiancée, looks a bit like Dean (Rory’s 1st boyfriend). If you squint.  For real.  They’re both while with short brown hair—practically twins.
  7. I’m a gorgeous single mom, just like Lorelai. Ok, so I’m half her height and my eyes are green to her blue—besides that, we could be sisters.  (Just squint if you can’t see it.)
  8. My daughter is BRILLIANT, like Rory. Nope, MORE brilliant!  Rory made a 4.0 in high school?  HA!  Sally made closer to 5.0, because her Advanced Placement classes grade on a 5-point scale.  Rory is a journalism major in college?  HA!  My daughter is double-majoring in Astronomy and Physics!
  9. We’re all a bit competitive (see #8).
  10. We both went to community college at night to get degrees, followed by a ceremony where our parents attended and were disappointed. My ceremony included a group who were getting their GEDs, including several teens who sat in front of me and giggled the entire time.  The. Entire. Time.
  11. I don’t like to cook. I can cook, and I will cook, but I must prefer using the microwave or going out, like Lorelai.
  12. I was a teenager when I had my first kid, just like Lorelai. (Although I was 19.5, not 16, and married.  Details!)
  13. We’re both sarcastic as hell. No, really, we are.


  1. If I ate like Lorelai, I’d look like Ms. Patty!
  2. Lorelai can eat anything, while I can eat practically nothing. I have food intolerances: gluten, garlic, soy, dairy, etc.  Thank God I can drink wine and eat cheese, otherwise I’d waste away!  Seriously, thank God for wine!  Actually, I think Lorelai would agree with me on this one.
  3. Lorelai lives in a small town, while I live in the Big City. Counter-intuitively, she knows more of her neighbors than I do.
  4. She’s the Owner of an Inn, while I’m a mechanical engineer. Slight differences.
  5. She’s fictional and I’m real, so I win!


PS Next week: Why I love dating younger men!