Lilly and Lucas Landed Locally

Lilly was here in my kitchen! Eating my enchiladas! YAY!

Lilly was here in my kitchen! Eating my enchiladas! YAY!

Lilly and Lucas are HERE!  Well, not here exactly.  That is, they’re in the States.  In Texas!  In DALLAS!

I wanted to greet them when they got off the plane, but, well—Security at DFW (that’s Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, to you non-local types) is pretty tight.  I could have waited at the baggage claim, but they rented a car, so I would have seen there to say, “Hello!” and then “See you later!”

So instead, they rented their car at DFW and drove to my house.  I was in the kitchen, preparing genuine Texan enchiladas.

I hugged Lilly up!  It was so weird—like she’d only been gone a day.  Then I met Lucas in person for the first time.  But it didn’t feel like the first time; we’d Skyped and emailed so much that he was already an old friend.

I had a bag of Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips waiting for her.  She grabbed them and torn into them!

“OhmyGod I missed these soooo much!” she said.

Lucas ate a few, but she said, “You’ll spoil your dinner!”

I think that was just a ruse to get him to stop eating her chips.  When I said as much, she winked at me.

I’m sexy, AND I can cook!

I’m sexy, AND I can cook!

Lucas pretends to like the enchiladas, but…

Lucas pretends to like the enchiladas, but…

They were waaay too hot for him! 

They were waaay too hot for him!

His first impressions of the US include, “Discovered Sonic today. Mind blown. Love Walmart. Candy is epic! Your drivers are fucking maniacs, I would fit in well! Your Internet speeds are phenomenal as is your cable TV!  Your health care so far has been outstanding, and can’t get over the traffic, it’s insane! Your people have been so polite and nice so far!”

He also said that I’m just as beautiful in person.  Although I may be putting words in his mouth, that he agreed to out of reflex!  Hee hee

He continued, “Can’t get over how hot it is!!!  And I love the yellow school buses! They’re so awesome, just like the movies!!! Haahaha”

I answered, “Hot?!  It’s cool right now!  It’s below a 100!”  I checked the temperature.  At 8:30 p.m, it’s 79F.  Hmm, must have been in the 90s today.

“Pfft!” he answered, then added, “I love how Lilly’s accent changed back!  I love it!”

I laughed.  She had been mistaken for an Australian on the plane!

Speaking of Lilly, how does she feel being back in the States?

She told me, “It’s weird being back with my husband!  It’s like going back to my life but oh wait, I have a husband here with me now!  I’m loving seeing people and showing Lucas my life!!!  He gets so excited about yellow school buses lol.  They don’t have them in Australia.  I’ve missed some of the food!!  And my face wash!!!!”  It’s cute that they both mentioned buses.

I added, “And Sun Chips?”

“Omg yes and sun chips.  And Mexican food.”

I’m glad I cooked the right meal!

Post-Midterm Confidence!

Post-Midterm Confidence!

In other news, I took my Last Midterm Ever.  Mission accomplished!  I’m pretty sure that I aced it.  Which means that I at LEAST passed it.  Either way, only two months left of school, then it’s Graduation, Baby!

And if I’m lucky, a date with Professor Mercury!  WOOT!

I’ll see Lilly and Lucas again soon.  Their wedding reception is on Saturday, so I’m sure I’ll get one or two pics and another story.  Crazy things happen when Lilly and I get together.  ESPECIALLY when we’re drinking!

Did you like Naughty Nadia’s sexpliots?  If so, leave her a comment.  Maybe she’ll return more stories.  She’s told me some juicy ones from her high school days.  And then there’s the Spring Break trip to New Orleans!  And OMG, the summer that she spent with the swingers.

I love Lilly and Lucas!  ❤ ❤ ❤  So glad they’re here!!!!


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