Lilly and Lucas Tied The Knot

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Lucas Blueberry!!


In a small, intimate ceremony, Lilly Peach married Lucas Blueberry.

“We’re soulmates!  We’re getting married!” Lilly told me.  “My family is very conservative.  They wanted us to get married before we moved in together.  Plus, being married makes getting a work visa in Australia so much easier.  So Lucas said, ‘Babes, let’s do it.  Let’s get married, for real.’  We were already planning the wedding in Hawaii, so we knew that we were going to be married—we just moved up the date, that’s all.  OHMYGOD I’M GETTING MARRIED!!”

That conversation was over a month ago.  Lilly and I went dress shopping for two weddings: March 2015 in Australia and June 2016 in Hawaii.  We didn’t buy any of the dresses that she tried on; her Mimi is making one, and a talented friend make the other.

The unique thing about this wedding is that it’s only the second time that Lilly has visited Australia.  Only the second time that Lilly has visited Australia.  Only the second time that she and her beloved were together.  However, there was over a year of Skype dating prior, and that first visit lasted almost a month.  So this is, by no means, a rush decision.

“It’s just going to be small, like just Lucas, his parents, and me.  Maybe his brothers, maybe a couple of close friends,” Lilly told me.  “One friend will have Mom skyped in, another will have Dad.”  Her parents divorced about a decade ago and live in different cities, so separate Skype screens were mandatory.

Later, she updated me with, “Someone insisted on hiring a photographer.  Someone else is bringing food.”  And later still, “Now the ladies are having hair and makeup done.”

And so the metaphorical snowball rolled down the hill.

We are still going to celebrate Lilly’s and Lucas’s love in lovely Hawaii in June 2016.  The deposit has been paid and the bridesmaid dresses are chosen.  The bride is scoping out a luau and shopping for a hotel.  Her sister and I are tasked with the bachelorette party.  Email me your favorite strippers.  No, nevermind—we’ll just go to La Bare’s, where there are lots of men under one roof.  So I hear.  😉

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Lucas Blueberry!  Congrats, my darling Lilly Peach-Blueberry!  You make a beautiful bride.  I can’t wait to see you in your next dress, next year!  I’ll see you before that, in September, when you come to visit.  XOXO!


This is not an April Fools Day joke.  Lilly and Lucas are really, truly, legally married! ❤


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