Engagement Announcement


I saw Lucas’s face first, which was weird. I usually see Lilly when the Skype screen opens. Then I realized that she was hugging him from behind, and she had a new ring on her finger. Which was wiggling to get my attention.

“OHMYGOD you’re engaged!” I squealed.

Yes, I squealed. I’m not proud of my girly-girl side, but occasionally she comes out. Usually for emotional times like this and clearance sales.

“YES! We shopped and shopped for a ring, and FINALLY found The One,” Lilly told me. “We put it on hold, then kept shopping, and found the same ring for a better deal! But he didn’t buy it right away. So I kept dropping hints, like, My finger feels so naked, that I should take off my shirts and pants too.” She smiled mischievously. “Then he went off to do something, and I was surprised because we usually do everything together, and when I asked him what he was going to do, he said, Nothing. Really, he should have made up SOMETHING!”

“I’m a really bad liar,” Lucas said in his cute Australian accent. “I really am.”

I count that as a bonus, personally!

Lilly continued, “The next morning, I told him, I think my ring size changed overnight. He didn’t let me try the ring on again, though. We planned a photo shoot so that we could have more than just selfies. That morning, he asked me, If you cry, will your makeup be messed up?” She paused and smiled at the sweetness of the question. I smiled with her; that kind of strong emotion is contagious. “I told him, No, it’s waterproof. Then as we’re getting ready, I played Train’s song, Marry Me, and our song, Bloom.

“AWWWW!” I said spontaneously. It’s part of that girly girl thing and I won’t apologize for it.

“I told him again that I should try the ring on. He said that he didn’t have it, that it WAS in the drawer at home. I saw right thru him,” Lilly said with a sly smile at her fiancée. FIANCEE!!!

He remained quite serious and stated again for the record, “I’m a really bad liar.” Then he snuggled up against her with his head on her chest, hugging her waist. The two looked natural and comfortable; as though they’d been together for years.

Lilly’s story continued, “We took pictures on a cute little bench with the sunset and mountains in the background. The sky was orange. It was so PERFECT!!” She paused for effect.

“I want the pictures! When are you going to announce your engagement publicly? OHMYGOD I’m so excited!” I was practically bouncing up and down. My face hurt from grinning so widely. They are my best friends and I’m so stinking excited for them!

“We’re going to tell family and close friends first, then announce it on Facebook,” Lilly said. But she wasn’t done with her story. “I said, You’re doing this, aren’t you? I was hyperventilating. We kissed. I was in a short dress and kept telling myself, Don’t fall! Our song was playing—Bloom—which was the first song that he told me, This reminds me of you. The sun came out from behind the clouds at just that moment. I was smiling and in shock, then suddenly I started crying.”

One of us was tearing up. I’m not sure which; I couldn’t see clearly.

Lilly said, “Later, Lucas pointed out that in the video for Bloom, there’s a sunrise. And there was a sunset when he proposed. Isn’t that just amazing? It was so perfect!”

“I asked her Dad before, too,” Lucas chimed in.

“When?” I asked. “Did Lilly know?”

“Oh yes, she was right there, it was on Skype,” Lucas assured me. “Scariest thing I’d ever done.”

“He started crying! My Daddy started crying!” Lilly added. Their tag-team story telling touched me once more; I love that they’re so in synch.

We talked more about their adventures: kissing kangaroos, attempted theft of a penguin from the zoo, and witnessing racist penguins who ostracized the brown one.

Lucas said, “No, we can’t have a kangaroo as a pet. It will eat her.”

Over the course of the vacation, they told me, there was lots of kissing, and lots of…well, you know. Lilly kept singing, “Let’s talk about sex, baby!” I’m not quite sure why…

What interested me most, though, was my duty as bridesmaid. In June 2016, I’ll serve in Fiji.

Congratulations, my friends! You make a great couple! And what a perfect story to tell the grandkids!


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