Lilly Goes Down Under

“Jules, seriously, this guy is THE ONE.”


One Year Ago

In a Facebook Photography Group

Lucas Blueberry and Lilly Peaches get to chatting on a thread… then take it to PM (private message).

“Mitzi invited me over again last night,” Lucas said. “But when I asked her if she was my girlfriend, she sidestepped again, and said that she was having a nice time.”

“SHE’S USING YOU!” Lilly shouted (well, used all caps, anyway). “What a bitch!”

“You think so?” Lucas asked.

“YES!!” Lilly answered.

“Well, I don’t think that you’re ever going to get a commitment out of Mr. Big Stuff, either!” Lucas retorted.

Lilly froze. He was right. “But we have fun together. Last weekend was amazing.”

Lucas rolled his eyes. At least, if Lilly could see him, she would have seen him roll his eyes. “And you’re giving ME advice?”

Lilly huffed. She hated it when he was right.

Nine Months Ago

“You went out with Mitzi AGAIN?” Lilly messaged, exasperated.

“Well, ya. She called.” Lucas answered.

“Has she changed her mind about commitment?” Lilly asked.

“Well, she didn’t say, exactly…” Lucas typed.

“HA! She’s a bitch! STILL!” Lilly replied.

Six Months Ago

Via Skype

“Lucas, Mitzi is really playing you!” Lilly said. “I don’t like how she’s hurting you. She’s not going to change. Get out while you can.”

“So, how are things with Mr. Big Stuff?” Lucas said, snippy.

“Well, we just started seeing each other again…” Lilly said, trailing off. “So I have no idea.”

“Any commitment there?” Lucas asked.


“I thought not!” Lucas said, like a lawyer who had proved his case.

One Month Ago

Via Skype

“So I have a date with a girl from eHarmony,” Lucas said. “But I have a bad feeling about it.”

“I hope it sucks,” Lilly said.


“What? Did I say that out loud?” Lilly said.

“You don’t want it to go well?” Lucas asked.

“Well, I’m a little jealous that it’s not with me,” Lilly said, voicing her feeling for the first time.

“Wow. We’ll talk tomorrow, after my date,” Lucas said. He seemed a little in shock.

The Next Day

“I was right. The date sucked.” Lucas said with disgust.

Lilly smiled. “So sorry to hear that,” she said, with delight.

“Hey, I’ve got an idea. Why don’t you and I give it a go?” Lucas asked.

“We’re a world apart!” Lilly said. Yay! She thought.

“I’ve been wanting to ask you to visit for some time, but I wasn’t sure how you felt,” Lucas confided. “Now that I know that you like me too, let’s give this a try.”

Lilly melted. Even though she knew it was crazy, she wanted this sooo much. She found herself smiling. “Yes!” she said. “Let’s do this!”

They lived happily ever.

Just kidding! The plane ticket to Australia has been purchased for late December.

Lucas and Lilly! TOO CUTE!!!!


This is the first in a series of Lilly’s Big Adventure.  Stay tuned to see how the budding romance develops!


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